10XLIFE Extreme Energy & Focus

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10XEnergy 10XFocus 10XProductivity

10XLIFE was designed to provide immediate, noticeable uplift of your subjective experience within 10 minutes of taking it, as well as long-term benefits to your neurology and overall physiologic functioning; this means supporting the functioning of the brain and the pathways of the central nervous system (neural, immune, endocrine), balancing hormones, improving biochemical signaling of the gut-brain axis, and supporting the core underlying regulatory mechanisms of the brain and body that give rise to our subjective experience.

  *Increased Function*

Memory (short and long term)
Focus/ Attention/ Concentration
Computation/ Processing Speed
Analysis/ categorical and critical thinking
Synthesis/ Pattern Recognition
Creativity/ Novelty

Drive/ Passion/ Motivation
Will Power/ Delayed Gratification/
Long Term Focus
Confidence/ Empowerment
Emotional Resilience
Contentment/ Fulfillment/ Peace/ Flow
Empathy/ Interpersonal Awareness
Intuition/ Insightfulness

Sensory Acuity
Reaction Speed
Spatial Awareness
Physical Energy
Homeostasis: Health, Immune, Longer

            *Decreased Dysfunction*
Brain fog
Inability to Focus

Anxiety/ Worry
Dysphoria/ Anhedonia/ Apathy
Overwhelm/ Indecisive/ Inconfidence
Social Anxiety/ Awkwardness

PhysiologicaFatigue/ Lethargy/ Heaviness
Pain/ Inflammation/ Physical Sensitivity
What to Expect
In addition to increases in focus, drive and emotional resilience, people have noticed other subtle positive experiences.

                          ENDING PROCRASTINATION
Many people report an increased ability to take on a challenge they’d been resisting before, and meet it with ease instead of distaste or frustration. Procrastinating doing your taxes, cleaning out the desk drawer, or whatever hairy project you’ve been putting off? 10XLIFE can help you get motivated and focused to get it done.


People have reported an increased sense of empowerment in how they deal with the difficult challenges that arise in life. Instead of going into overwhelm or hopelessness or devastation, they feel capable of doing what needs to be done in the presence of challenge.

10X Brain

Many nootropics are focused on optimizing neurochemistry for the immediate, noticeable effects. We’re interested in building better infrastructure for our chemistry to travel along – including new neuron and synapse development, increased mitrochondrial ATP, healthier cell structures, and increased neural complexity.

A Unique, Comprehensive Formulation

Not all formulations are created equal. When designing 10XLIFE, our goal was to craft a unique combination of ingredients that would produce synergistic effects way beyond what any one ingredient alone could deliver.

       Amino Acids

Building blocks for key neurotransmitters and hormones, and agents that are part of the processes of cellular energy production, osmoregulation, signaling, antioxidation, neurogenesis, and neuroprotection.

   Nootropic Compounds

Potent psychoactive and neuroactive chemicals that play key roles in modulating receptor sites, synaptic enzymes, membrane structures, cerebral perfusion, biogenic processes, neuroendocrine regulation and more.    


Key limiting factor vitamins in specific activated forms required for major neuroregulatory and neurodevelopmental processes.

        Adaptogen Extracts

Herbal adaptogens concentrating active compounds while maintaining complex synergistic co-factors – supporting Adrenal/ HPA regulation, Long Term Potentiation, AMPK activation, neurogenesis, catecholamine production, tissue regeneration, and many regulatory functions.